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Blockchain 101

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This course will teach you the basics of blockchain technology, the major frameworks & tools, and help you set up your first blockchain.

There’s a ton of hype around blockchain.

I’ve read that blockchains can erase global hunger, make the world corruption-free, end poverty, and do a lot more without breaking a sweat. Never before has a “back-end” technology gotten so much print space in public media.
But should the common man have heard about blockchain? I think NOT.

Let’s start with a simple analogy. Most of you may be users of Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Uber, and WhatsApp. But how many of you know the technologies on which these run? And do you even care? Well, you really shouldn’t.

Ever since Edgar Codd proposed the relational model for database management in 1970, our world has been ruled by databases. Almost everything that makes the Internet so powerful and useful depends upon computer databases. But the general population has never heard about in-memory databases, distributed databases, graph databases, parallel databases, and their assorted cousins.

Everyone has heard about blockchains and distributed ledger systems. And everyone has an opinion about them. And that’s what the biggest problem is. The most common question I am asked is “What can blockchain do that other technologies cannot do?” Is it fair to expect one technology to outperform all other technologies in the world?