About Us

Ergoskills.com is a microlearning platform where anyone can learn new skills in 60 minutes or less. For FREE.

The Ergo Skills backstory

Ergo Skills was born during the Great Corona Lockdown of 2020. Samairah Nagpal, a bored seventh-grader, really needed something fun to do. She started with painting her room…. then she learned a bit of digital marketing… then some carrom… then some WordPress…then blogging…then making digital comics…then some HTML.

As the lockdown continued, her father figured the only way to keep her off his back was to help her set up a platform where she and others could learn as many skills as they wanted.

And that’s how Ergo Skills was born.

Samairah Nagpal
Samairah Nagpal, CTO

Samairah Nagpal

Samairah Nagpal is an enthusiastic 7th grader and a published author of short stories. She loves reading, is a huge Harry Potter fan and is passionate about table tennis and WordPress.

Rohas Nagpal
Rohas Nagpal, Content Head

Rohas Nagpal

Rohas Nagpal is an author, public speaker, amateur boxer, Blockchain Architect, and retired hacker.